Microsculpture Tryptych


In April 2019 Felix composed an 18 minute film soundtrack for Levon Biss Microsculpture tryptych.  The work was commissioned by an art collector and combines Levon's extraordinary high resolution images of insects into a flowing video wall of 3 screens running in sync.

Levon says I needed a piece of music that responded to each insect in a different way so each image has a particular character and suggests possible habitat and morphology but in a very subtle way.  The challenge was to keep it simple but also very unique and experimental and explorative conjuring sounds from nature but not too literally.

I thought the colours of the insects gave off a deep metallic feel and therefore used ambient patches of modular synthesis (very expensive analogue equipment) to create the texture while keeping the ‘wonder’ aesthetic in the harmony (6ths).




The sheer size that the insects are going to be blown up to, also inspired me to create something with a slight brooding feel.  I wanted to make the transitions subtle so each insect prompted a change in direction of the journey of the music.

It is quite a long piece of music using a drone with 6 individual sections which  are linked to capture a different feel and highlight the individual elements and features of each creature. 

Levon Biss Microsculpture images capture the extrodinary beauty of insects in minute detail through the use of ultra macro imaging techniques and image stacking.  His work is known worldwide through exhibitions at prestigious Museums and can be viewed here in more detail.


Composer/Sound Designer

Levon Biss Microsculpture Triptych.

Levon commissioned Felix Stephens to compose an 18 minute soundscape for this 3 screen video installation.  The images are by Lwvon Biss Microsculpture Exhibition which is currently touring the world.

Levon Biss Microsculpture Photographic Exhibition

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